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INTJs: Once you scratch our surface, you’ll find that we aren't anti-social or narcissistic, though we may appear stern and stand-offish at times.   1. We are introverted, not anti-social. 2. We are rational, not emotionless. 3. We are achievement-oriented, not narcissistic.

We Really Need to Stop Depicting INTJs as Villains

I can’t help but fear that the constant villainization of the INTJ personality type will only cause further misunderstanding of real-life INTJs.

This is what I wish I could tell all of my friends, but I don't know how to say it.

Understanding Human

This is about being an ENFP personality type, but a lot of it (especially the "skip B" part) is relevant for ADHD!

I can cut someone off so quick, we'd be friends one day and strangers the next. ✌

INTJ / INFJ - INTJs are one of the personality types known for doing the notorious "doorslam"

I'm an INTP my wife is an INTJ.  What are you?

INTP/INTJ comparison -- you might think that they have only a one letter difference, but they actually don't share any of the same functions.

Yeah, but the person that created this HAS used the wrong AS...should be HAS.

Female << Well, that's not quite how I'd word it, but the general sentiment is right; I *told* you I wasn't the same as you!<<<<except us infj only feel this secretly inside teehee