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'What Makes You Beautiful' has pretty much changed to 'What can we do to annoy Harry during his intense solo'

Liam and Louis are having a Lilo moment. Niall is being Niall. Zayn is just laughing and waiting for Harry to react. Harry just glances likes it's very usual so doesn't do anything

One direction (gif) Hahaha, Liam and Louis just being stupid, Harry just being a cupcake, Zayn being Zayn, and then Nialler.>>>Can we just take a moment to look at Zayn!

One Direction funny just switch Malik and Horan around and that pretty much…

C'mon let's go party!>>>> ooowwwoooahahhh>>>>>c'mon lets go party!>>>>>>ooowoooahhoowoahhhh>>>ahhhahhhahhhyeaaaahhhh>>god I love this fandom

I'm crying. < a little weird but its so true..........................................

One Direction over the years in a drawing more than sad crying brb

hmmmmm idk about this lol.... I miggghhhtttt get the midnight memories one depending on how much they cost.

One Direction makeup --US release dates: August 11 (Macy's) & August 25 (Dillards, Lord and Taylor, etc.) --- I don't wear makeup, but I'm buying this!

And also his goofy face. | 20 Reasons To Be Thankful For The Perfection That Is Harry Styles

And also his goofy face.

oh my god can't breathe one direction shouldn't be allowed in uniforms…

Even though I am not a big one direction fan, I can totally relate to this. Shut up my friends and save your sarcastic comments I am sure you will have

That would be amazing! I have actually thought about it, but the teacher of course just keeps droning on about stupid shit I don't really care about, and pretty much will never use after high school...

One Direction please come to my Canadian small town and make me a happy panda! I always think about lunch… Niall’s gotta love that ;