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((((((⃢⃢ #Birds ((((((⃢⃢ #kuş ((((((⃢⃢

Taiwan Blue Magpies

Taiwan Blue Magpie, taken at Waishuanghsi, Taipei City, Taiwan by John&Fish…

Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura)

Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura) perch on telephone wires and forage for seeds on the ground; their flight is fast and bullet straight. Their soft, drawn-out calls sound like laments. When taking off, their wings make a sharp whistling or whinnying.

loveforearth: “ Rufous-Backed Kingfisher (Ceyx rufidorsa) @ Panti Forest (by Chong Lip Mun) ”

loveforearth: “ Rufous-Backed Kingfisher (Ceyx rufidorsa) @ Panti Forest (by Chong Lip Mun) ”

Lilac-breasted Roller

Contrast occurs between the bright colors of the bird and the neutral background colors. It also occurs between the focus on the bird and the blur of the background. Lilac Breasted Roller in flight (by Joseph Mak on

Female Eclectus Parrot - Eclectus roratus is a parrot native to the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, northeastern Australia and the Maluku Islands (Moluccas).

Indigo Bunting perched on Sunflower

Blue bird sitting on a sunflower. in honor of my beautiful daughter Amanda who loves sunflowers, and is more beautiful than a blue bird , even this one

Unusual Pekin Robin

Red-billed Leiothrix ( Leiothrix lutea) is also called Pekin Robin, Pekin Nightingale and Japanese (Hill) Robin


Greater Blue-eared Starling (Lamprotornis chalybaeus) by gerdavs. Blue-eared Glossy-starling (Lamprotornis chalybaeus) is a bird that breeds from Senegal east to Ethiopia, South Africa and Angola. It is a very common species of open woodland.


Possibly Lilac-Capped or Coroneted Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus coronulatus)?

Птаха весной

Beautiful:Bullfinch male in blackthorn blossoms (pyrrhula pyrrhulamale)

 BEAUTY WITH BRAIN  LOVELY KINGFISHER SAT ON A LILY LEAF LOOKING LIKE CAMOUFLAGE EACH OTHER Leaf turned and took a cup like shape which is a comfortable place to seat on for kingfisher. He is waiting for a fish and very smart, so hide in a same colour leaf so that fish can't see him and he can catch is easily. Very clever.  #kingfisher  Jagruti Naik

By Jon Chua Photography . A beautiful Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher.




The Red Headed males have more testosterone. Black Headed males are not as aggressive and therefore live longer.