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Hehe gulity....<<< mine is binging Supernatural and overly shipping everybody on it with somebody

I once wanted to see if I could fly, so I jumped off my bed an landed on the wooden floor, right on my head.No, it wasn't when I was a little kid, it was last week. Is that sad.<<< I did that yesterday . ~ not a little kid either ~


yeah some cups just make water taste better. I have my cup:)

I can go though 2 condition  and some how still have the same shampoo as I did 3 months ago

Teenager Post who can finish a shampoo bottle at the same time as conditioner are truly gifted. So true.

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More like "Oh a weekend trip! Lets pack for a month. You know 'just in case'"

True that!

Teenager Post # 5147 Childhood is like being drunk. Everyone remembers what you did, except you. That is the truth, it's all a blur.

i wonder this all the time lol kinda creepy but still

Yes, I wonder if the people that I have dreams about have dreams about me.When I tell the people they usually tell me about their latest dream about me!

All the time or at least I try to

Teenager Post - I'm the type of person that tries to fall back asleep in the morning just to finish a dream.

When I was four, I thought I could speak to animals, so I would always sneak some into my room... But they always tried to turn away, so I'd end up letting them go and I'd just tell my sister, "They didn't want to be friends."

When I'm lazy I hold my hand out to see if I have the Force, then am sad when it doesn't work<<< me too. I'm disappointed every time. One where the Force exists.

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Teenager Post Do you ever feel people staring at you and you like to forget how to walk

I would have been like that but he didn't even say that. He just was like I knew it the whole time.❤️️☺️

Teenager Posts Once my crush did that over text and I was all excited and then he's like what does B ) mean and I'm like are you kidding me? And I said it's a smiley face with sunglasses<< oh my gosh I feel bad but I just laughed so hard 😂

All the time!

I started watching Merlin and stared at Colin Morgan like a dumb ass. Mind you I started watching Doctor Who before Merlin so I had seen his face before.