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7 EASY tips to cut carbs from your diet | A new medical study revealed that those on a low-carb diet reduced certain risk factors for heart disease and lost nearly THREE times as much weight as those on a low-fat diet. | StyleCaster.com

7 Secrets to Cutting Carbs—and Staying Sane

Is your sister wedding ceremony coming soon and you want to look the sexiest in the program. But your weight creates hindrance as you are overweight. Read the post below to know the ways to lose weight in 7 days without exercise.

The best #lowcarb #crackslaw recipe for a low carb or #Atkins diet - like a crunchy stirfry minus the carbs!

Easy Crackslaw

Power up to slim down with these amazing foods!

Eat These Top Superfoods to Lose Weight Faster


The Top Weight Loss Foods

Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym! Of course regular exercise can help you lose weight and shed fat, but a diet rich in healthy foods and spices is what will really help you notice a change in your.

Not a meal, but Lynn has great ideas for eating low carb on the go.  Why have I not ever thought of these ideas before - they are so "duh"! lol  (Low Carb Traveler)

Whether you’re traveling, or just on the go and needing low carb ideas that are quick and easy, I thought I’d give you some quick & easy ideas by sharing my recent low carb food choices with you.

You can download a full size copy of this slow carb infographic here. Thanks to fitnessinfographics.com for this wonderful ingographic on The Slow Carb Diet. You can download and print this infogra...

Infogrpahic – This is a wonderful summary of the slow carb diet by Timothy Ferriss on one page. Use it as your guide as you begin your Slow Carb Diet.

Dr Oz: 28 Day Plan To Kick Carbs | Low Carb Diet Cheat Day

Dr Oz shared his 28 Day Plan To Kick Carbs, explaining how to navigate the first four weeks of reducing carbohydrates in your diet.

Most best way to lose weight in 2016. Approved doctors. Free Trial! #weightlosstips

Cut a little here, cut a little there. These are the most basic ways to lose weight – to slash calories – that’s Diet But how many do you really have to cut or burn to see results?

Easy simple diet - some alright ideas in there for healthy eating

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