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The Long Journey 'Home': The Art of The Irish Wake – The Wild Geese

The Glass Character: "I see dead people": Victorian post-mortem photography

This is when I found out about Erin. Her mom looked at the scan and determined that it was what her own mother had and that Erin would be dead soon. She knew this prior according to Erin when she had her prior surgery to remove the tumor, but had no chemotherapy done.

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3jo5dou9hx8x.jpg (352×450)

3jo5dou9hx8x.jpg (352×450)

possessed on confirmation day ~ old creepy photos

Creepy Photos: What Nightmares Are Made Of

These kids look like they belong in a haunted house.    :-/

Inexpensive Halloween prop that gives u Big Bang for little money. Swap out picture frame photos around the house. I find creepy old photos and insert them in front of reg. After Halloween remove the eerie photo quick easy cheap.

This mother doesn't seem very distraught. Notice the way she is just laid out over her lap.

This is a post mortem picture with her daughter, you think she would maybe express her anguish in her eyes not happiness to be taking a photo.

Victorian era "headless" photograph...with hand-painted blood!

Old-School Manipulated Photographs: Unidentified Photographer, [Decapitated Man with Head on a Platter], ca.

Darkness, Weird, Macabre, Skulls, Bones, Gothic, Goth, Outlander, Skull Art

In black we are dressed In blood we are drenched With a Death’s heads on our collars We stand unshaken.

22.) Vintage Halloween costume.

The Pumpkin Man Cometh. Vintage photo of man who totally committed to his Pumpkinhead / Squash People Halloween Costume. This IS for Halloween, right?

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