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Humanized Jack, Bunny and Tooth.


Human versions - Jack Frost, Bunny, and Toothiana

"Let's go have fun!" - RotG Jackson and Emma Overland

Jack Frost and his Sister

Rise of the guardians - amazing cast -amazing movie

Rise of the guardians - amazing cast. this is so neat how they paired the voices with their characters!

"Put on the shoes, Jack." Jack's face: I'll die first. <-------- GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!!!!!

Jack dont like shoes lo

wait. WHAT!!! Jack is no longer Jack seeing as he is too sophisticated looking now... but now I can fangirl more... ^^

OMG Ah never thought thet ah would see tha Jackass with a suit.

Bunny saving Jack

"Don't worry Jackie, I got'cha ." Jack Frost and Bunnymund

Brain farting

Jack Frost the elf, RotG/LotR crossover by DustyLeaves

Kingsman Jack Frost - Поиск в Google

Jack as Eggsy and Icap as Harry (Dragon trainers x The Kingsman)

Family by Axl01.deviantart.com on @deviantART

We're all rooting for a sequel!

Hiro and Tadashi.

Hiro: T-they beat me up.told me a kid like me shouldn't be here.*starts to cry* Tadashi: You'll be fine Hiro.

I believe i believe i believe~ Ombrics first lesson!

I believe rotg rise of the guardians

Jack and Hiccup

Jack and Hiccup

SUIT! jack. I just died and went to heaven

JIB jack in black

lol ur not tadashi hamada : Photo

how to train your dragon north httyd hiccup jack frost rise of the guardians stoick rotg

I get the feeling this was Jack's idea, not Bunny's

I get the feeling this was Jack's idea, not Bunny's<<< if it wasn't for Pitch trying to takeover he would have done that