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Gumi Megpoid - Vocaloid (Looks like Dead Master from Black Rock Shooter here.)
Glasses make characters so much more attractive why is this? An I'm an ugly potato here with glasses
I honestly wouldn't mind if Prussia trick or treat at my house..<---- 30-10-2015~ Happy Halloween and Dios de los muertos that is coming up ~--laughs-- Have fun~ :D From Antonio y mis amigos France y Prussia~>> Happy Halloween!
Dead Master
Black Rock Shooter ^^ (GIF)
IMO, Kaito x Meiko seems more legit than Kaito x Miku (he's too old for Miku while Meiko and Kaito look like they belong to the same age group.. kinda like the mature couple c;). ah, and they're cute asf as well =w=
Black ★ Rock Shooter:
Imagenes de la hermosa pareja Lenku.  Pueden incluir otros personajes… #random # Random # amreading # books # wattpad
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#wattpad #romance holi   n   u    n  obra 2  hayyyy sera lenxrin >//////o< BUENO ACLARADO ESTO UNA COSA : - el que no le gusta apollenos poniendo en voton de votar a si me alegro mucho :D mas cuando aparecio dragon ball super XD - el que le gusta voten , seganme y espero que les guste  - abra algo de : mikuxkaito y...