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Sparkly red tips with one ninja turtle nail for Meaty's birthday

cute for mattea and zeke if he was a girl and liked ninja turtles as much as he does now

These Super Realistic Pokémons Are Created By A Concept Artist

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Growing up... and growing apart. F*ck you Shreeder!

"You're a wizard Harry"  because of the scar? oh well XD couldn't help myself i had to make another turtle tot comic. another theory and this ti.

Justin Bieber got mutated! HA!<<<-it's even funnier that they put his head on the mutant named Justin!

Justin Bieber got mutated!<<<-it's even funnier that they put his head on the mutant named Justin!

Not usually a big fan of tmnt genderbends but this one is good.

What Would You Name These Lady Turtles? I would name them Michelle, Leah, Rachael, and Danielle. Lee Cogan you are a girl tmnt!

90's cartoons all grown up! love this!

Modern updated versions of cartoons…<<Never thought I'd say I had a crush on several of the Rugrats and Dexter.

TMNT Rule 63 - April and Karai by MidoriEyes on deviantART:

Rule 63 April and Karai interacting with the fem! I wasn’t planning on drawing much more TMNT genderbend after this, but I think I might h. TMNT Rule 63 - April and Karai