Fara Winchester (@DevilFaraAckles) | Twitter

Fara Winchester (@DevilFaraAckles) | Twitter

This Man <3 <3 <3 #JensenAckles

Jensen Ackles, Salute to Supernatural Denver 2015 Photography by Stardust and Melancholy

Oh god my ovaries!! just... click for gif #Supernatural

His eyes. His eyes show his real face, you can see pain, love and . All the people are blindet by his beautiful face but no one looks behind his eyes

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Only Jensen Ackles could make that face look gloriously sexy. Good lord.

[gifset] Is it any wonder we watch this show? -- holy shit I didn't need this right now, but I'm not complaining

TVShow Time - Supernatural S11E07 - Plush

TVShow Time - Supernatural - Plush <<-- I can relate, though. Clowns ARE creepy AF

That smile is amazing

That smile is amazing