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Savings passbook!!!  I forgot what they looked like until I saw this.  My Gramma would take me to the bank with my card and deposit money into it for me.  I loved watching it get more and more money.  Then came the day when I was 17 and wanted to be a foreign exchange student and took all the money out.  It was worth it to spend a year in Norway!!!

Savings Passbook--A Rite of Passage.A Passbook Savings Account of Your Own Opened By Your Mother.

Remember when report cards looked like this? and they were better now i dont understand them lol...

Paper School Report Card - You had to take it home, have your parents sign the back, and return it back to your teacher the next day. I had all of mine at one time.

Remember This?

Seriously, what a throwback! This is what my first library card looked like! :) Library membership cards looked like this

Hot Flash Friday-A Frank Discussion About Underwear, If You Get in an Accident...

training bra ~ can you image.a "training" bra.we were training our budding breasts?

Over the Counter Morphine "May be habit forming" (Ya think?)                          I remember using this one patients with the DT"S,   It smelled awful, but it worked, I think it tasted bad too.

Vintage Morphine Bottle: Wow, alcohol plus morphine. it may be habit forming, imagine that.

These were with my Bambi figures!! Berenstain Bears (1986) | The 25 Greatest Happy Meal Toys Of The ’80s

The 25 Greatest Happy Meal Toys Of The ’80s

70s toys - This was plastic peel off that you would make your own scene. i remember having the scooby doo one

i had this exact set and i remember making up a story using the Charlie Brown colorforms as the storyboard and my grade teacher let me read it in front of everyone.

I had a couple of these growing up.

Retro, vintage, trendy, and hippy style handmade leather barrettes, braid holders and leather hair accessories. Each handmade leather barrette is handcrafted by Old School Leather Company.

Yup. The dreaded typing class. As I watched some who typed 60+ wpm, I knew that I was in trouble.

I was mad when my mom and grandpa said I had to take typing class. Because I didn't want to be a secretary, I didn't think I'd need that skill when I grew up. I am SO happy that they made me take that class and that I learned how to key well.

Temperatures were taken with a Mercury Thermometer! I could never figure out how to read the darn thing when I was a kid, it seemed so mysterious to me.  I still have ours, a tube with caps on each end - one blue & one pink.

Temperatures were taken with a Mercury Thermometer! I remember my mom breaking one of them.LOL little balls of silver mercury all over!

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Old school grocery store checkout. Notice all the different sizes of paper bags! There was usually a bag boy to "bag" them up and the cashier would unload your cart as she rang up your groceries.alot of the prices memorized.

Grandmothers - the one in the middle is wearing her housedress, I think. The others seem to be day dresses.

How grandmothers used to look.they wore shoes that came in one color, black, and looked like men's oxford shoes that tied up the front, but had a two inch heel in the back. The front of the shoe was wide to accommodate arthritis, corns and bunions.