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Palette Gear inspires you to build a physical modular interface customized to fit your needs. Each input module snaps together like Lego.

www.dj2dj.nl blog wp-content uploads 2014 03 dj2dj_nlAkai-APC40-mk2.jpg

www.dj2dj.nl blog wp-content uploads 2014 03 dj2dj_nlAkai-APC40-mk2.jpg

Teenage Engineering OP-1 w/ Wooden Case

Teenage Engineering Digital Synthesizer Sampler w/ Wooden Case

Korg Volca Grooveboxes Detailed in New Videos | XLR8R

Modular Groovebox combo including all three Korg Volca analogue synths Package consists of 1 x Korg Volca Beats Analogue Rhythm Machine 1 x Korg Volca Keys Analogue Loop Synth 1 x Korg Volca Bass Analogue Bass Machine Korg Volca Keys Analogue Loop

Make Your Own MIDI Controller [Instructables How-To] | The Creators Project

Make Your Own MIDI Controller [Instructables How-To]

Super sleek homemade midi controller. Love the design

This DIY midi controller looks almost commercial!

How Venn Diagrams work.

Platypus playing guitar keyboard - Funny Venn diagram chart shows that when you combine a beaver playing guitar and a goose playing keyboard, you get platypus playing keytar.

Arduino controlled, arcade button dj MIDI controller for effects and samples.

Arcade Button MIDI Controller

Having a hardware interface to your favourite music / DJ / VJ software can really open up doors in your creativity. The most widespread form of hardware control to.

midi controller - Recherche Google

midi controller - Recherche Google

Teensy Monster v1.0 // DIY MIDI Controller

Teensy Monster V1.0 // DIY MIDI Controller

Welcome to the Teensy Monster Instructable!This Instructable will help you assemble your Teensy Monster, understand how to program it, and provide many tips for.

DIY midi/hid controllers

A Framework for Making Affordable & Stylish Modular Controllers (USB to MIDI, HID, or Serial)

The Shnth is a touch, battery-powered 16 bit synthesizer which can be programmed with a unique language, while the Sidrassi Organ has 42 nod...

Musical Toys: Peter Blasser's DIY Synths

Peter Blasser is a whiz of DIY synths. The Baltimore-based musician builds and designs electronic sound devices for fun and profit with his company, Ciat-Lonbarde. The fun part of all this is that a lot of his instruments look like toys.