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Harry Potter anime! These are amazing!!!! i love how Draco swaggers while standing immobile

You're All So Very Tall

Harry Potter Manga ~ love all the character representations. I would be so happy if there was ever an official Harry Potter anime.

What Naruto taught us...even if it's so much more to say,all these lessons are etched into our hearts because Naruto has become a part of  our lives that will never disappear...we will live with the memory of a great personality who taught us a hell lot of important things! Thank you, NARUTO! Thank you, Kishimoto!

I finished the manga last week, so I wanted to make my on "What Naruto taught me"

"Correction : Kakashi taught me how to be awesome. Naruto taught me how to be friendly. Madara taught me how to be badass. Shikamaru taught me how to be smart. Sasuke taught me how to be a contemptuous douchebag.