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cute rescue tuxedo cat polydactyl

Tuxedo Cats, must be Gentleman's Night at the Kat Klub. So many Tuxedoes not two alike. They wear the same colors, but each is subtly different from the rest. The eye color varies as well.

My Rocky looked just like this. I miss him so much.

* * " Der be Bluto atz de dumpster agains. He haz plastic and paper fetishes, poor 'ting.

Beautiful Tuxedo Cat - similar to our Buddy only in a black suit ... See more black and white cat at - Catsincare.com

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black & white cat  such pretty markings

black & white cat such pretty markings

Me encantan los hatos con este pelaje ... Siempre que tengo uno le llamo smoking

Looks just like my cat, Little Honey! She must have been a model in her early life.