I use to cry a lot because of you. But I have started to cry a lot because well going through this I lost a piece of me that I love. A piece that I only got back after staying with my family for a week. Leave my life please.

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The most intelligent relationship advice I've ever read. - Hope someday some guy will have the dedication to feel that way about me. (The way described by the person giving advice.


I hope you see me in the future and regret walking away. Regret leaving me in the dust and making me feel like I was nothing. I hope you realize that I was the best thing to ever happen to you.

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Girls: If you like him, if he makes you feel happy and makes your SOUL SMILE and if you feel like you know him (MARRY HIM!

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So let's say that "theoretically", I really like you. do you think that you would supposedly feel the same way?

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