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Tony Stark's Ironman Xbox 360 Console is One of a Kind trendhunter.com

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When you're modding your Xbox you have two options: Bend the Xbox to your idea; or Bend your idea to the Xbox. Adding a whirring arc reactor to your console is the latter at its very best:

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Steampunk Xbox 360 Mod- "Beautiful"(snuffle,wiping tears from my eyes)


Crowe Meemz sez I probly should not show you this. Captain America XBox 360 Mod by Zim Props

I wish I had this much $$ for my hubby =[ / Xbox 360 Custom Controller Full Set of LED Bullet Buttons with LED Trim. $279.99, via Etsy.

10 Must Have Video Game Accessories For First Person Shooter Bullet Button Xbox 360 Controller

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Not an xbox mod but so vool if you ever played the old game.well done TMNT Custom NES Console

Pikachu Custom Xbox 360 Controller VERSION 2.0!! by CARDI-ology Love it!!!

Pikachu Custom Xbox 360 Controller VERSION << I don't recall there being many Pokémon games on the XBox but cool all the same.

News - Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Finally Gets Its Release Date

I'm not a big Xbox guy but I say God damn that's a mighty fine controller