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The end of this academic year marks my tenth year of teaching freshmen to write. From dedicated writing seminars to writing-intensive literature courses, I


Book Fetish: Volume 114

Crazy Book Lady coffee mug to go with the Crazy Cat Lady and Crazy Dog Lady coffee mugs.

Happiness is a cup of coffee & a really good book. :)

Inspirational Quotes About Happiness

Although I haven't been through all of them yt, many of these things have happened to me..

25 Signs You're Addicted To Books

25 signs you’re addicted to Books. Welcome to Bookaholics Anonymous. Hi my name is Hannah, and I'm addicted to books. Every year when I go backpacking, at least 5 pounds of the weight in my backpack is a thick hardcover.


Today I will live in the moment, unless it it is unpleasant; in which case, I will read a book.

The Hunger Games series

I love this. I love the feeling that you exist in the book's world.

This is a quote from Perks of being a Wallflower. I feel the same way

Book people…

It's strange because sometimes, I read a book, and I think I am the people in the book. And every time I realize I am not I get the sudden urge to cry.

Everybody should believe in something. I believe I'll read another chapter.

I KNOW I will read another chapter. I BELIVE I will put my book down and go to bed after that chapter.

Деревце, любимое, книжненькое! queroserpicasso:  by Leen

Cute tattoo idea without the girl - books as leaves of the tree. The tree of knowledge perhaps?

Happiest. Person. Ever.

Seriously though, I would love a job where I got paid to read books! Please anyone tell me where to apply! If I could be paid to read books, I think I would die happy.

Rereading. Absolutely true.

RE: Rereading books . your knowledge and perception of the characters change .

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"You could never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. Lewis But change tea to coffee.