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"Add an anecdote." @levoleague:

5 Ways to Be Memorable in 30 Seconds or Less

7 Things You're Doing That You Don't Realize Make You Less Likable

Behaviors That Can Make You Less Likeable

Thought k was going to poo poo this until I read it. Actually pretty enlightening.

questions to ask on a first date #dating #relationships  .ambassador

8 Questions To Ask On A First Date, So You Can Avoid Those Awkward Pauses

Listen, we all wish we could be the Beyoncé of dating. Some people date like it's their job — and they are the CEO. They've got their conversations down and know all the right first date questions to ask. They know how to approach that uncomfortable …

9 Little-Known Etiquette Tips That Make You More Likable

9 Etiquette Tips Friends & Coworkers Will Like

11 Conversation Tips That Make You More Likable :: Some good ideas for shy people or for those of us who don't love small talk but are often in situations where you need to actually engage in small talk

Conversation Hacks For Making Friends Successfully

Make a quiz for the creation station. Magnets and a cookie sheet. Maybe a bulletin board. 11 Conversation Tips That Make You More Likable

7 ways to feel less socially awkward

Feel Less Socially Awkward Right Now

11 hacks to instantly make you happy, according to science

11 Hacks Proven To Make You Feel Instantly Happy

Want to be more likeable? Use our free, science-based online assessment to find out how to improve your likeability, and where you may be going wrong.

Want to be more likeable? Use our free, science-based online assessment to find…

6 Ways To Have More Charisma

How To Have Charisma, In Ways That Won't Feel Awkward To Try

A helpful guide to bringing out your charismatic side (because everyone has one)

How to Create Charisma

The Art and Science of Body Language, Charisma, and Influence

Science of People creator Vanessa Van Edwards explains the art and science of charisma and how to create more confidence through body language.

Sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it. @levoleague

5 Things Charismatic People Do in Conversations

how to feel more confident :: this article has some great suggestions:

9 Ways to Feel More Confident in Minutes

9 ways to feel more Confident. Easy to read lifestyle article that lists simple, psychological, body language, visualisation, mediation & positive thinking tips for building confidence. A good end of January boost for motivation to stay on track.

6 Ways To Avoid Small Talk & Have More Interesting Conversations

6 Tips To Avoid Small Talk

No disrespect to the wonderful study of meteorology, but I don't usually care to talk about the weather. And chances are, neither does the stranger/acquaintance you're trying to have a conversation with. But as it goes, making small talk with strange…

4 Tips For Developing Your Charisma

4 Tips for Developing Your Charisma. Great list because it keeps you thinking positive and keeping your mood light and easy going.

4 Tips for Developing Your Charisma.