Fili heir to the throne... nephew of Thorin Oakenshield of the line of Durin.

Fili heir to the throne. nephew of Thorin Oakenshield of the line of Durin.

Kili Fili and Thorin

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Fili, Kili and Thorin. The Line of Durin, introduction at Beorn's house.

The amount of research and thought he accumulates to create his characters...uses so much of his energy, yet we benefit. Thanks, Richard♥

Richard Armitage giving his all and understanding his memorable character Thorin The Hobbit

Thorin, Fili and Kili's family tree

Dis was still alive. Would she inherit the throne, or did it pass to the next male heir? Oh, Professor Tolkien, where are you?

This scene is devastating! I knew they were gonna die in that part! So heartbreaking.  Fili and Kili in BOTFA

The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies<<< I think Fili knew that whoever went down that tunnel would, which is why he made Kili go the other way.

Bilbo is so done...

I love it when Thorin kicks the other dwarves to shut them up when he realizes what Bilbo is doing.Kili when he says that he has the biggest parasites. "I've got parasites as big as me arm." Haha love this scene.

*muffled sobbing from The Hobbit fandom* <---MUFFLED! NO! I was crying like a baby in the theatre

*muffled sobbing from The Hobbit fandom* <<< *shameless, heartbroken sobbing from the Hobbit Fandom* << *wailing that can be heard from 10 miles away from the Hobbit fandom*