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Words to live by.

:D completely true and mine is completely overloved by the both of us. she deserves every bit of it. best cat in the world.

cat ♥

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Black Cat

Both my babies are black cats. I cant believe there is still superstitious people that wont have a black cat. They are least likely to get adopted at shelters.

AMAZING BLACK CAT #by Gabrielius Khiterer

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Black kitten at 8 weeks. Looks just like Yoda!!!

Cats And Their Tough Workload Ahead Of Them

Black kitten at 8 weeks. his eyes! Love when they get that Hunter kitty look! Serenity as a kitten! [I imagine my baby looked like this when she was little.

.hmm..santai dulu dech

** "Yer gonna startz lecture 'bouts stayin' out allz night? Me hadz a Dudectomy. Wut yoo frettin' about?

black cat <3.

Please adopt from shelters and rescue groups. And, please spay or neuter and micro chip your pets. When you adopt from a shelter you are saving a life and it just might be yours. Black cats and dogs are the last to be adopted.

Is playtime over? - Black cats are the best. They are so mysterious looking and cute, and those orange eyes are always full of curiosity.

Of of my favorite kitties was a black maine coon. He was a great little lovebug.

Black cats give so much love and are so worth it! One of my favorite kitties was a black maine coon. He was a great little lovebug.

Le chat noir ✿✿

"It is in their eyes that their magic resides." --Arthur Symons I love this cats' entire face.so sweet and round and different.so I see the magic in it's entire face not just the eyes.

53/365 Doerak

53/365 Doerak

Черна котка / Black Cat

Beautiful black cat, Black cats are considered LUCKY, by many cultures, I have had four over the years and they have brought great love, companionship and joy into my life. I don't feel just lucky to encounter a Black cat I feel privileged.