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Antes del combate. 1944 otoño

Crew of the Tiger II Panzer VI Konigstiger schwere panzer Abteilung tank number 132

Brand new Pzkfw 6, Tiger

A new Tiger 1 with it's gear properly secured to a heavy duty flat car for transportation by ordinance train


Vk (H) Six chassis and one prototype of this vehicle were produced at the beginning of It never saw mass production due to problems with development of the conical gun.

Crewman work to attach tow cables to free the above tank.

German PzKpfw VI Tiger I heavy tank in Russia, either in a defensive position or stuck in an anti-tank ditch, spring 1943

A Panzerkampfwagen VI "Tiger" Ausführung E (English: Armoured Car VI "Tiger" Variant E) (Abbreviation: PzKpfw VI Ausf. Otherwise known as the "Tiger Armed with a KwK 36 cannon and two MG Accompanied by its crew.

Tigers 503th Battalion on the service station at Mariupol 1943

Tigers Battalion on the service station at Mariupol, 1943

Tiger 334 and crew.

E Tiger I of Schwere Panzer-Abteilung tank number 334 front view

Shop 5 work begins Workers swarm over the Tiger hull installing a myriad of internal and external equipment. They use a wooden stair platform to reach the top of the enormous tank.