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A true gentleman :) How do his parents do it ? I need to talk to them, because if I have boys I want them to be as sweet as Niall.

We're meant to be best friends. because we're so alike.

zayn-centric-duh: “ teenagenicks: “ me at any social event ” I can’t tell if you’re talking about Harry on the phone or that guy in the background ”

I wouldn't cry i would just die

i love you so much .im in of girls .pleas never left the band.i love you soooo muchhhh baby.

Niall Horan. One Direction. Nuff said.

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Is Niall Horan your favorite member of One Direction? If so you may be interested in these Niall Horan facts. Niall Horan is the Irish member. Niall Horan Niall Horan Niall Horan One Direction One Direction One Direction

oh my gosh.... I am crying [on the inside]. THIS is why I love one directon. Their music is great, they're all cute... but this...this is it. guys, please don't ever change <3

That is one of the sweetest things I have ever read Zayn Malik - One Direction quotes! ♥ hotty sexy and this is why I love him so much! He speaks the truth of all the things that I can't ever say it how I feel.


Louis Tomlinson - I am stuck in the nest of jews - Before X Factor<<<<< I love his accent but wth louis ahahahha

Harry on Taylor

Hahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahaha ok even if you not a direcrioner you have to admit this is kindof funny<<im laughing so hard i cant even breathe X'D

Dear ex's, i don't need you cause i have Niall:D

Niall Horan is so sweet. One of my favorite Niall Horan quotes. any girl who got to have Niall Horan would be so lucky

Niall from One Direction rocks James Jeans on the Cover of of Teen VOGUE. Click to steal his style.

Check out Niall on the cover of Teen Vogue! On stands teenvogue: “ Revealed: Niall Horan of One Direction on the cover of Teen Vogue! Check out the full story in our Dec/Jan issue