La Muerte by sscindyss

princessesfanarts: “ La Muerte by sscindyss ” 24 Days of Non-Disney Day The Book of Life

pomba gira Menina do Sobrado

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La Muerte and Xibalba by on @DeviantArt

My ETERNAL ship The first time I watched Book of Life, My shipping heart just burst for these two and my hands been itching to draw them asdkfjsafd. La Muerte and Xibalba


me kitty cat beauty drawing Illustration art girl Cool painting black green creative tattoo flower blue comic skull colors woman rose sugar skull zombie mexico mint Black Cat dia de los muertos *me mexican skull god of study

Book of Life: La Muerte by on @deviantART

I just watched “Book of Life” and it was a really fun and beautiful film! Book of Life: La Muerte


Las Muertas The Portraits of Tim Tadder

Photographer Tim Tadder creates a colorful tribute to the Day Of The Dead: Las Muertas created with the help of makeup artist Krisztianna and costume designer Julia Reeser,

lets make a bet by Larkles on @DeviantArt

larkles: “ i Loved tbol a LOT and i couldnt resist drawing my favourite gods of death this will be available as a print at SMASH!