Butterfly Moor - Goldfish of China

Butterfly Moor - Goldfish of China Más

Goldfish Panda

Goldfish Panda

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all about ornamental goldfish

Butterfly goldfish | (gold)fish | Pinterest

Deep, dark gold and white butterfly telescope goldfish.

2014年11月7日ブログ (7)

2014年11月7日ブログ (7)

Goldfish Varieties

Goldfish Varieties

Chinese Goldfish Butterfly Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter - ECPlaza

Chocolate-white Butterfly Moor by nevadagoldfish

Beautiful Comet                                                       …

will-koi: “Sarasa Goldfish or Sarasa Comet The Sarasa is a variety of the common goldfish. It’s a fish with a red base color with white spots and a normal tail.

what a beautiful oranda

what a beautiful black oranda

Ryukin & Oranda

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ryukin goldfish | Ryukin (Goldfish)

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goldfishgeek: “ revirogold: “ My new fish, Romulus. Purchased from Dandy Orandas!

Goldfish were originally bred to be viewed from above

Hello by tropical fish!

Red/Black Oranda » DandyOrandas.com

Red and black veil-tail oranda

How to Sex a Goldfish

Watch to learn how to tell the difference between male and female goldfish! There are four ways to sex a goldfish: by the presence or absence of breeding tub.

.Telescopes...one of my favorite goldfish varieties. I used to raise them.

Telescopes- one of my favorite goldfish varieties