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A Casa do Penedo (House of Stone), was built in the Fafe Mountain region of northern Portugal in 1974 as a family retreat. The two-story house is built between four boulders, and includes a fireplace and built-in swimming pool carved from the stone. There is no electricity in the house, and a wooden ladder acts as a staircase between the connecting floors. (This looks to be the front)

Top 10 Strangest Buildings in the World - Stone House, Portugal. Located in the Fafe mountains of northern Portugal, A Casa do Penedo, or "the House of Stone," was built between four large boulders found on the site.

Stone House, Portugal

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Monsanto Village, Portugal.È un luogo caratteristico per l'area megalitica di granito in cui è situato e per la presenza di una fortezza già posseduta dai templari.

Monsanto Village (granite made, inhabited since Lower Palaeolithic / Ice Ages) - Portugal Good to see that old things are still standing strong.

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Dezasamblarea clădirilor duce la forme fragmentate fantastice

altered photo series “Deconstructing the Houses,” large suburban homes appear fragmented and jumbled, almost as if they are falling down.

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This Will Scare The Hell Out Of A Meth Addict

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Unusual Mountain Home in Portugal

Stone House in Nas montanhas de Fafe, Portugal.Like most century houses, the house has windows and doors but it is constructed completely of stone. It also has a significant likeness to the house of the Flintstone family from the popular cartoon of the

House on a Cliff, Greece

Unique Homes - Perhaps this is what living life on the edge means. Hewn out of nature, this unique home is an effortless combination of rock, water, and grass

Portuguese village built between gigantic boulders

Portugal - Monsanto is a beautiful village built in the Portuguese countryside. Featuring narrow streets carved from rock and granite houses squeezed between giant boulders, it looks like a real life Bedrock.

STONE HOUSE }{}{ Located in the Fafe mountains of northern Portugal, A Casa do Penedo, or “the House of Stone,” was built between four large boulders found on the site. Although the house may seem rustic, it is not lacking in amenities, which include a fireplace and a swimming pool carved out of one of the large rocks.

Name Stone House / Casa do Penedo City Guimaraes Country Portugal Architect Unknown Characteristic Private Buildi.