I think Frank is the best hashtags' user in the seven XD comment below and I will try to answer ur quastion I do askthedemigods now too!

Rick you devil

All hail Rick Rick Riordan, god of Trolls. (Is that why the trolls in frozen have so much sass?

Olympus, Percy Jackson, Heroes

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POOONIESSSS<-- this is literally me when i hear fandom or percy jackson or heroes of olympus or any of the ships. i be like HEROES OF OLYMPUSSSSSSSS << I'm just imagining Tyson and Hazel being best friends because they both like ponies<<<Sharing PB+Js

Piper Mclean Quotes. QuotesGram

I would trust Percy the most (possibly Leo too, cause he's awesome), and Hazel the least. :D <<< I'd trust percy and leo most too, but i'd trust piper least (sry pipes :D)