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staphylococcus under microscope - Google Search

staphylococcus under microscope - Google Search

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Most diatoms are unicellular, although they can exist as colonies in the shape of filaments or ribbons, fans, zigzags, or stellate colonies.

This would be very cool to use as a template for embroidery

Beautiful Diatoms, Diatoms are a major group of algae, and are among the most common types of phytoplankton

diversity of bacteria

Identifying an unknown bacterial strain

Todar's Online Textbook of Bacteriology discusses the methods for measuring bacterial, growth of bacterial populations, and the bacterial growth curve.

What sand looks like under the microscope--nature is full of hidden and not-so-hidden beauty.

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SPECIMEN, from "Under the Looking Glass," Maggie Leininger, 2006. Embroidered muslin in Petri dishes.

Specimen by Maggie Leininger. textiles inspired by petri dish colonies, chromosomes, and human cells.

Vodka and tonic under a microscope. Now wonder I feel so happy when I drink them...

Alcohol Is Microscopically Beautiful

Beautiful and drinkable! Microscopic Image of a vodka & tonic. This website has many other close up images of alcoholic drinks photographed by Lester Hutt.

радиолярии - Поиск в Google

Little known and much overlooked diatomaceous earth can take care of you inside and out, work miracles in the garden and even care for your pets.

Colourful Nebula (detail) ~ artist Bruce Riley, using layers of paint & resin #art #abstract

Colourful Nebula by Resin Painter Bruce Riley

Poured resin artworks by Bruce Riley Title: Olaf Stapledon, Star Maker See.