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Ethereal bowls made from the skeletons of maple and other leaves are the latest addition to Japanese artist Kay Sekimachi’s impressive portfolio. While she is most famous for her labor-intensive loom works, Sekimachi creates these sylvan masterpieces by adding Kozo paper, watercolor and Krylon coating to the leaves, giving them solid form.

Artist Takes Leaf Skeletons and Turns Them Into Surreal-Looking Sculptures

Oxidizing Tutorial. The sulfur in the egg oxidizes silver & copper. (Marginally effective on brass, untested on gold):

Oxidizing jewelry tutorial by *bodaszilvia on deviantART Uses a boiled egg!

Use all your leftover candles to make this candle votive. Instructions help you make the round votive and also add the wick inside. Easy trick to use every last bit of your candle.

Turn an Old Candle Into a New One for Next to Nothing

Use leftover candles to make wax luminaries for your Candle Impressions flameless tea lights and votives. Since they're LED, they won't melt down the thin walls of the luminaries!

Lush Dupes: Cosmetic Warrior, shower jellyes, Ocean Salt scrub, Lush bars, cup o'coffee, & bars!

7 DIY Lush Recipes

Lush Dupes: Cosmetic Warrior, shower jellyes, Ocean Salt scrub, Lush bars, cup o'coffee, & bars!

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How to make a Secret Hide-a-Key rock safe. This quick easy project allows you to store a hidden key in plan sight.

Secret Hide a Key Rock Safe. Easy DIY How to make project. All you need to get started is a small plastic screw top container, silicone, a hot glue gun and a rock. Great place to hide an extra front door key.

togetherwellmakeitthrough:  A few people kept asking me how I made these flowers so I took pictures of each stage to show you :)) The knots ...

Macrame mandala, the knots in the centre picture are cobra knots and the knots after that stage are all just forward and backward knots

a step up from the construction paper covered tin cans we used to make for pencil holders

Most inspiring footage and photographs! >> Take a look at even more by clicking the image link

настольная лампа. нельзя пройти мимио. Обязательно такую себе сделаю

Easy to make this a Minecraft lamp - diy Awesome Desk Lamp Hmmm endless possibilities with this idea. You could paint the blocks or even add things between the gaps.

Add color to your jewelry with Vintaj Patinas. - Agguungere colore ai gioielli con le patine Vintaj

Finding Beautiful Jewelry Without Breaking The Bank

Add color to your jewelry with Vintaj Patinas. Enjoy this free DIY jewelry tutorial using Vintaj Patina from Rings & Things!


How to Make Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder - DIY & Crafts - Handimania