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phobs-heh: “ sorry, I couldn’t resist x)) loki with tony’s helmet sketch ”

It takes a hard journey to find the right personwho will value you for who you are, even after the hard journey. 

It takes a hard journey to find the right personwho will value you for who you are, even after the hard journey. Like loki and Spider-Man I guess I should've seen this coming cause I'm a weird fuck but still?

Lol! Stark is pretty funny. I could imagine him actually doing this!

hehe portal to jotenheim -- 'why is loki in the fridge', my eyes are watering it's so funny.

Thor & Loki ...awww he's adopted:

time spent: 3 weeks i drew this when i just watched the avengers turned out i got loads of work i just finished today lol and also i found my subscripti. avengers: not bros

Christmas with the Avengers

Christmas with the Avengers: Fury reads bedtime stories, Thor and Cap prepare dinner, Natasha and Clint decorate, and Tony and Loki discuss mistletoe. PS Loki is talking about the god Balder

This is Loki x Sigyn Consort AU stuff where Loki gets basically sold off and married to King Sigyn, new beloved ruler of Vanaheim. It's a rocky road but when .

I have to say, one of the things I absolutely love about Loki is he is a courageous warrior king. He's going into that battle not knowing whether he's going to make it out or not. I can tell. His eyes are filled with so much determination, courage and fear. Courage it is not the absence of fear, it's the act of doing what you know has to be done no matter what the outcome is. Loki has a tremendous amount of courage and I admire that. You can see it in his eyes. He may not be coming home…

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