Cut them all the bitches Newt

Cute pics of everybody's favorite OTP from The Maze Runner NEWTMAS -completed! Look for book *I own none of the pictures* *Spoilers* Alsoooo ranked in fanfiction at some point in time :)

Image result for newt maze runner memes

Image result for newt maze runner memes

the maze runner | Tumblr

the maze runner | Tumblr

I found funny a couple of reasons This is how I felt minus the alcohol I love this video 3 Newt (aka Tomas Brodie sangster ) is the reason I felt like that And finally I love The Luka State!

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EVERYBODY IS<<<< they're asking this whilst showing a picture of Thomas Brodie Sangster who plays Newt to remind us of the pain<<< I wanna see tdc, but I don't wanna see IT!

Omg this is so cute. I wish I was in the maze runner movie

I wish I was in the maze runner movie<< I'd rather be in the books where newt isn't immune. if such a thing existed

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Everyone who's a fan of The Maze Runner and Newt need to do this!

The Maze Runner Maze Runner ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring pictures

I loved how in the movie Frypan was like "Is this what all girls are like?" Newt's face was so cute he was so confused as to why there was a girl there xD