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Darksiders//Joe Madureira/M/ Comic Art Community GALLERY OF COMIC ART

Amazing detail in this Joe Mad Darksiders piece. Imagine an entire comic book with this much artistic detail.

Après le dessus de lit NES, le canapé Master System!! (Couture #1) - Le Blog…

Artiste du Jour #36 Joe Madureira (Darksiders, Joe Mad pour les intimes) - Le Blog créatif de Subby-kun et Subbinette

Exclusive Darksiders Comic cover. Art by Ludo Lullabi, colors by Tony Washington…

Darksiders Cover by *Tonywash This is bad ass, not Joe mad but still great illustration

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The JLA & Harley Quinn // artwork by Joe Madureira and Alonso Espinoza Here you have DC Comics movie summer in a nutshell!

Jim Lee

The Dark Knight The Master Race variant cover art feat. Thrasher-Suit Batman v Superman by Jim Lee (DC comics)