Ukrainian symbol coffee

Ukrainian coffee with tryzub - the coffee barista who did this complex Tryzub design ought to be given a prize - I just love it!

Kiev, Ukraine - my best friend just moved to Ukraine for at least the next 5 years. Makes for a good excuse to travel!


Kiev, Ukraine (or Kyiv) - the golden-domed city, mother of Russia, birthplace of the Orthodox Church.

Ukraine does not break!!!

You`ll never break Ukraine

Міфологія та народні вірування - Інфографіка - Україна Incognita

Міфологія та народні вірування - Інфографіка - Україна Incognita

Swipe Case for iPhone Ukrainian Series "Флаг" White Wallpaper украина украинский айфон 5 обои

Detroit, MI // January 2013 by bonnie tsang photography, via #Desk Layout|

*Cafe Bar The rustic, urabn atmosphere of this coffee shop with the exposed brick and the washed out wood of the counter gives a comforting and inviting place to spend an afternoon drinking a cup of tea and reading a book.

Bandura and Husla by Yurko Avdeev  Ukrainian Folk Instruments

Yurko is a master of traditional Ukrainian kobza-kind musical instruments. He makes wheel fiddles (a hurdy-gurdy) starosvitska (smaller) banduras, Veresayev kobzas and krylovidni (“wing-shaped”) gusli – an ancient string musical instrument.

#Euromaidan Protests: ‘We Fight to Remain Ukraine’ Click here to know more!:

A little humor during the largely peaceful protests during January and February, 2014 to assure that Ukraine remain a sovereign and free nation.