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Avance del Sistema Solar alrededor de la Galaxia

The true orbit of the planets. I think this is interesting because we usually picture the universe from the top as if it were on a plane. When in reality, it travels and moves

Cluster v2.0 Presentation Intro [gif] by Tony Pinkevich

Cluster v2.0 Presentation Intro [gif]

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NASA A7L spacesuit pre-flight CT scan

"A pre-flight CT scan of a NASA spacesuit, the type of suit worn during the Apollo missions.two pieces of art: the suit and the CT scan.amazing technology on both ends of the process.

This Mind Blowing Image of the Eclipse Taken From Space Can't Possibly Be Real

This Mind Blowing Image of the Eclipse Can't Possibly Be Real (Updated)

Breathtaking picture of the solar eclipse from space.I don't know if this is an "artists" vision, or something the Space Station or Nasa shot, but it is amazing to behold nevertheless

earths magnetic field in deflecting sun's radiation and heat

An artist's impression of the magnetic fields of Venus, Earth and Mars interacting with charged particles streaming from the sun. Earth's magnetic field protects it from these atmosphere-stripping particles.

The labels on the light ray with different pieces of information each are informative and blend in with the background. The light ray also resembles a spaceship, which gives me some ideas.

is that can take on many forms. Radio microwaves, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, X-ray and gamma radiation are all different forms of light. (Illustration: NASA/CXC/M.


the use of dotted lines in this design is interesting but distracts from the focus points of the stars.