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Jackie Morris Print woman sleeping with great white bear and sleeping white hare, three goldfinches, two bullfinch, two wrens and a chaffinch

hd walking in the rain | Mays_Dabbs_Advocate_art_Bear and Girl_Walking in the Rain_00002

via BLK BEAR. When we get home, we'll have biscuits soaked in honey and a little lavender tea.

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Lucy Campbell is a contemporary Scottish painter whose work contains elements of maigcal realism as well as mythic and folk symbolism.

Je feins l'adulte, mais, secrètement, je guette toujours le scarabée d'or, et j'attends qu'un oiseau se pose sur mon épaule, pour me parler d'une voix humaine et me révéler enfin le pourquoi du comment. ~  Romain Gary La Promesse de l'aube (1960) // (Detail of Kevin Peterson’s piece ‘Coalition’)

"I walk with my spirit animals by my side." Detail of Kevin Peterson’s piece ‘Coalition’, currently on display at Barnsdall Art Park.