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Non farmi male quando sono per terra perché quando mi alzo tu sei fottuto

That's the way popularity works, you have to be the same to be popular, it's the sad truth

“They laugh at me because I’m different. I laugh at them because they’re all the same.”actaully im not normal I dont mean a disability or anything but I mean like my personality is so weird

Anime: ReLIFE

I chose to see the good too much. I missed every bad thing, although it was obvious to every one else

Anger is when I finally come to say something that's on my mind. But then I have to be at my limit of how much nonsense I can endure.

And when your mind finally catches up, that's when regret comes crashing in like tidal waves.

You got a point there.

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Anime : nisekoi season 2

yeah,,,,imagination is better than reality.reality was uhh?but when you imagine yo can see everything that you cannot see in reality.

So true. Anime: Noragami

Or they can be heartless and have a beautiful heart that's how two sided people are born, which leads to psycho paths and yanderes

Tamako Market || quote

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