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i have the same uke

Him and his lil ukulele! Look at that adorable lil smol bean<<< such the smol bean with the lil smol face an the lil smol ukelelelelele

tyler joseph

I'm guessing Josh got playback cuz Tyler ate Josh's leg?

Omahgod the veins

twenty one pilots ;

Tyler Freakin Adorable Joseph

Tyler Freakin Adorable Joseph

Twenty One Pilots, Stay Gold, Life Savers, Infinite, Music, Backgrounds, Musica, Infinity, Infinity Symbol

i'm not okay

i'm not okay

Omg The Muscles

i love this guy jajaja

Only Seven Left + Home Most Days (FR) + The Quartermen [locatie: Oefenbunker]

Right side, right arm.

My obsession with them is seriously getting unhealthy. I love Twentyone Pilots.

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Twenty One Pilots 4

I love  how one always looks at the other to see what they're doing so they can join. Or for approval. I'm not really sure which sometimes.

Cuties // I ship it

Tyler looks like he's gonna laugh any second....

Tyler: I’m so sexy omg wow look josh Josh: this is my life now.and it’s SICK

Wait, is that SNOW on the ground?? Tyler, put your shirt back on! And a coat! And where's Josh? He better no be half naked too.

Tyler, put your shirt back on! And where's Josh? He better no be half naked too.

He’s even cute when he’s not trying to be

why does he look so good with red eyes oml