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Charlie Brown had his issues, but there always seemed to be some rewarding and meaningful resolve in his conflicts and overcoming self-confidence issues. Until the next episode, that is!

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown (Peanuts) = INFP << Apparently Charles M. Schulz (whose work I adore) was an INFP, so it makes sense that Charlie be one too. =P wow I never knew this. I always felt so sorry for Charlie and could relate to him a lot.

Snoopy time

Linus & Snoopy - happiness is a warm puppy and a warm blanket. Thank you Charles Schultz for Peanuts! It is amazing how relevant the humor still is today and I am loving how much my SON loves these cartoons!

The Coffeehouse: a philosophy- reminder that the people you will remember are those close to you

A boy and his dog. :) Charlie Brown and Snoopy.sitting on the dock of the bay.