Kiedy chciał się przytulić do jakiegoś mężczyzny, a w pobliżu był jedynie Chris

Preferencje i imaginy

Tyler Posey Cuddles With "Daddy" JR Bourne During "Teen Wolf" Interview <<< "Cuddles with Daddy"? Man that sounds dirty

Best show ever teen wolf

In case you haven't noticed from all my pins, Derek is my favorite character.) >>> Stiles is tied for that fav position too

Derek Hale, Tyler Hoechlin, Teen Wolf, Wolf Pup

Tyler and Tyler

Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden Teen Wolf season interview about character deaths, winter Olympics, dream love interests.

Lo amo! <3

When I was a young girl Dylan from 90210 was considered sexy, and then later on someone from Dawson's Creek (not sure who, probably the gay one), but teenage girls these days have Tyler don't even understand how jealous I am.