‘SPACES ETC.’ by Ron Gilad (IL)

This sculpture communicates a lot using very little. The implied line lets the viewer fill in the gaps.

Foto de Spaces, Etc: minimalismo tridimensional (1/7)

These sculptural objects by New York based designer Ron Gilad, together called Spaces etc., are minimal three-dimensional outlines of various familiar.

Fred Sandback, Untitled (Eight-part Vertical Construction), 1992

Don’t think I didn’t see you, I watched as you faded away. - but does it float Fred Sandbeck

#sculpture - Dactyl, 2011 by Toby Ziegler

bernardodias: “ [Toby Ziegler]’s paintings and sculptures engage with ideas of the exotic and synthetic. Fabricating his images and sculptural blueprints on a computer, traditional motifs such as landscapes, still lifes, and cultural artefacts are.

Shinji Turner-Yamamoto, "Hanging Garden" installation in an abandoned monastery in Mt. Adams, Cincinnati, OH

Shinji Turner-Yamamoto

Global Tree Project: Hanging Garden by Shinji Turner-Yamamoto at Mount Adams’ o Holy Cross Church, Cincinnati. (The top tree is alive!) by gwendolyn