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decorating with gray

Gray is a power player. It can take a back seat to bolder hues in the living room like yellow and black.

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Photo or wall painting can be a pleasant interior ideas, in addition to beautify the room you could create your own gallery wall you want

framed musical instruments

ZsaZsa Bellagio: Interior Delights I like the coloured backgrounds on the pictures.

eclectic. baileysarver

Take a cue from designer Kristen Buckingham and extend your gallery wall over the door frame. The artwork on this gallery wall matches the mood of the room in its joyous, eclectic look. Peek at more of Kristen's work here.

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В гостях у актрисы Брук Шилдс

family pictures gallery wall ideas In the family room of her Manhattan home, actress and model Brooke Shields displays photos of herself and her children, taken by photographers Annie Leibovitz and Robert Mapplethorpe, next to fine art photographs by