Lenora and Vincent? haha mixed up universes

Anna&Simon xD Ceeps' oc what is perspective, I clearly do not know too lazy to color for now xD

Imagem de witch and arthur rackham

Sweetheart Roland -The maiden fetched the magic wand, and then she took her stepsister’s head and dropped three drops of blood from it. Illustration by Arthur Rackham for Sweetheart Roland, a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm

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circle7stars:  “The Fates — Source: IrenHorrors at DeviantArt  ”

The 3 Fates: The Norns in Norse mythology (or Moirai - in Greek mythology) are female beings who rule the destiny of all

Demian sackcloth and ashes art- skull - skeletro

Crime- (Demian sackcloth and ashes art- skull - skeletro)