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process not necessarily watercolor, but still an important painting technique to remember- I forget simple process techniques all the time!


"He spun from the shadows, a nightmare wraith, slung on the back of the demon horse that grinned with obsidian teeth."- writing from previous pinner I think

f Tiefling portrait sorcerer wizard warlock

Qop by wei-zi female elf tiefling demon devil vampire vampyre witch armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

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The overall compositions are great, and love the colors used, giving an indie game feel. AWesome inspiration work overall!

Skoll and Hati. changing day to night and vice versa by chasing the sun and the moon through the sky.

"In Norse mythology Sköll was the wolf that chased Arvak and Alsvid, the…


Creep cool shadow character light gets brighter in the eyes as the character morphs- creating drama and intrigue