Octopus wine glasses  Octopus Beach Decor  by SheilaShamelStudio

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Octopus tattoo idea - could have a few less lines to make the face more beautiful style / potenital animal?

Space Octopus - Will Santino

Art prints: 30 awesome and modern artworks we should buy now

Octopus Chandelier i don't know why but i actually found this pretty a little odd, but pretty.

Octopus Chandelier

Mason Parker of Mason's Creations has made a spectacular stained glass octopus chandelier with detachable, light-up tentacles. The cephalopod chandelier measures about four feet across, and the bod.

"Bottom Feeder Teapot" by Mary O'Malley via Saatchi Art

Art No Longer Available

Random sketches from my lunch breaksinstagram.com/absorb81

Octopus- LUNCH SCRIBBLES by Craig Patterson - via Behance. this is not actually an octopus, but it's extremely cool.