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An #adorable Scottish Fold #cat named Melissa sticks her tongue out like Albert Einstein. #cute

Adorable Scottish Fold Cat Sticks Her Tongue out like Albert Einstein

A Tiny Scottish Fold Cat Who Enjoys Sticking Out Her Incredibly Long Tongue Like Einstein

Ano novo, vida nova. Momento para renovação e mudanças de hábitos. Mas há coisas que não mudam, e a paixão da internet pelos gatos com certeza é uma delas. Prova disso é uma página só sobre gatos que se parecem com Pin-Ups. Criado pela australiana Rachael Aslett no início do ano passado, o projeto começou no Tumblr e hoje conta tam...

A série de gatos posando como pin-ups continua e está melhor do que nunca

Do you need a "daily cute" to make you smile today? These bizarre yet adorable pictures of cats posing like retro pin-up girls will do the trick.

Scottish Fold - some day I absolutely, positively MUST have this kind of kitty!!!

The folded ears! The tiny curled tail! The striped cuteness! I want a Scottish fold cat!

** Wah-h-h ! Me wantz me ears back!"

Keep Calm: i poster alternativi

Beautiful Scottish Fold Kitty

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold has a medium sized rounded body with a medium to long tail. The head is well rounded with prominent cheeks and a short nose. Scottish Folds may have a folded ear or a normal (straight) ear.

Short Hair Persian

20+ Most Popular Long Haired Cat Breeds

Short Hair Persian Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

How to shrink your cat...LOL I can't stop laughing! This reminds me of the "Lion" Hair cut people give to their cats!

just so you know

Funny pictures about How to shrink your cat. Oh, and cool pics about How to shrink your cat. Also, How to shrink your cat.


Cats in bow ties are the best (Waffles The Scottish Fold)