Divine Gardener by Rassouli

Freydoon Rassouli - Divine Gardener - Fusionart Paintings For Sale - Buy Oil On Canvas Artwork

Casa Claridade: Ritual de Cura e Poder para Mulheres

"The Goddess I love is the life force moving in smooth and tempestuos directions: stopping, pausing, and starting;" ~ Mari Jorgensen - Art: "ANTICIPATION" by Freydoon Rassouli

Joyful Yoga - August 2013

Joyful Lotus Yoga on

Beautiful painting by Zeng Hao! Green Tara - originally a Hindu goddess and later adopted by some forms of Buddhism. She is known as the mother of liberation, a protectress, an obstacle remover, and an earth mother.

nature fairy

Freya, daughter to Njordr and wife to Od, is the Norse Goddess of love, fertility and beauty. She was a very sacred Goddess to the Norse

Odin's Grey Hawk

Journey to Italy with world renowned visionary artist RASSOULI! ~ known throughout the world as a mystic, a visionary and a master painter TWO PAINTING WORKSHOPS: Creative Awakening June 17 & 18 In-Depth Discovery June 20 Each […]

Acredito que não somente eu, mas um monte de outras pessoas já tiveram a curiosidade de saber quem faz estas artes tão belas e famosas. ...

Nature's Embrace by Josephine Wall. On a magical twilight night, high above…

awaiting the King

'Unwritten Tale' ~fantasy illustration by Melissa Nucera (ThisYearsGirl on Etsy)

Athena add a bow instead if a staff pants instead of a dress and this could be a bad ass back piece

Athena The Goddess of Wisdom and War Born of the head of Zues, she is the goddess of wisdom. She represents the side of war that is ruled by strategy and thought. "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.