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Me in just about every clothing store there is. Which is why I love shopping in thrift stores -- the stuff is affordable AND some of the things I find are absolutely awesome. the European, Japanese and Korean made clothes especially.

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Doodle Time: Sarah See Andersen Comics

17 Cartoons That All Twentysomethings Will Be Able To Relate To

La difícil vida femenina!!!

Sarah C. Anderson takes a funny look at what it's like to be a modern woman in her web-comic “Sarah's Scribbles.

i used to draw comics so my bro would catch me wide-eyed or looking really stressed and he like U OK FAM and im like omgajkdqdajnfdnfdsjnvsjn

I was actually in the middle of making another comic when I stopped, realized I was making a ridiculous face, and proceeded to draw this comic.<<<<<<<Is that Sarah Anderson?


Funny pictures about So Much Work To Do. Oh, and cool pics about So Much Work To Do. Also, So Much Work To Do photos.

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Artists being friends with artists pros and cons // by Sarah Andersen // Doodle time // Other artist: the forever sassy Leonard Peng