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Resting bitch face

Someone posted a whisper, which reads " When people see you with a resting bitch face and just assume you’re a total bitch but deep down you’re just thinking about what you’re going to eat later.

Resting Bitch Face - Google Search

This is what i have Resting Bitch Face Syndrome - at least according to my parents, i still can't believe that i found it.

Rebel Circus

Addicted to fallout now. Ugh this game. Lots of oldies, including ink spots. Shared the gospel with a friend, so pray it goes well. I also pray for your prayer life multiple times a day.

Story of my life | Resting bitchface (RBF)

My name is Sara Maggard, and I too suffer from RBF when people move their mouths and stupid falls out. My face tells everything.