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Incidental Comics

Incidental Comics

Artists in the WildFor the Spring 2015 issue of The Southampton Review.You can order a poster at my shop.

Illustration by Grant Snider. I love this, quite apart from the fact that it reminds me of the 100 Aker Wood by Ernest Shepard in Winnie the Pooh by A.

Carnet Imaginaire

This is one of those "sad" funnies. I feel badly for the person who feels this way at the end of a creative process. But it's cute, and I'm sure it resonates with some people. INCIDENTAL COMICS: The Creative Processor

Comic by Grant Snider of Incidental Comics.  [Source: INCIDENTAL COMICS]

Asking Questions [Comic]

Comic by Grant Snider of Incidental Comics. [Source: INCIDENTAL COMICS]

Dada Day.  Grant Snider created this comic for his ongoing “Who Needs Art?” series.  Dada was an early 20th-century art movement that began as a reaction to the culture and traditions of the time, radically rebuking a society they felt was responsible for World War I. The Dadaists created with anger, humour, and immediacy. Common Dada mediums included collage, found objects, assemblages, and ridiculously terrible poetry.

Dada Day, A Comic That Celebrates the Art of Childish Nonsense

"Dada Day" is a comic by Grant Snider of Incidental Comics that "celebrates the art of childish nonsense." Grant created this Father's Day-themed comic for


incidentalcomics: The Shape of Ideas

‘Remembering Futurism’ part 1, from Grant Snider's series ‘Who Needs Art?’. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Incidental-Comics/143875519002831 http://www.incidentalcomics.com/

Remembering Futurism

Futurisme - Filippo Tommaso Marinetti was a man of inherited wealth, artistic vision, controversial political views, and a well-curled mustache.

How To Grow Imagination by Grant Snider

Incidental Comics by Grant Snider: How To Grow Imagination. "I drew this comic for the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children's Media at Saint Vincent College. Thanks to Professor Junlei Li for collaborating on its creation!