McBadass!... i mean McGonagall

They could not have found a better actress to play her! I also love her character in Downton Abbey. Gahhhh, I love Maggie Smith.

How cute!

Emma Watson/Rupert Grint - JK Rowling said they would get married - shipper heart

"Padfoot" Sirius Black, "Prongs" James Potter, "Moony" Remus Lupin, "Wormtail" Peter Pettigrew

"Padfoot" Sirius Black, "Prongs" James Potter, "Moony" Remus Lupin, "Wormtail" Peter Pettigrew : Very important to know.


Someone really needs to make the Marauders into a HBO series.<< his name is spelled Remus not Remis

I don't know nor remember if they put this in the movies deathly Hallows?

This was a deleted scene in the final Harry Potter movie. In the book, as The Dursley's are leaving Privet Drive, Dudley tells Harry that he doesn't think Harry is a waste of space.

Go ahead and stomp all over my heart you've done it a million times already

When someone combines various scenes with Harry’s famous line "Harry Potter" Fans Cry All Over Again

James and Lily part 1

these PEOPLE are legit the best writers ever someone needs to find all of them, make a get-together and write a few books on james and lilys life like seriously

Harry Potter | Hermione | "What an idiot."

I said this is to my friend and she didn't get it she was like I'm going to hop the fence and she got scratched and I said what.