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Zara - düştüm gel bittim gel

Autumn Love- Even the depressing autumn could not extinguish the passion in the hearts of lovers.

Portland, Oregon has tens of thousands of trees scattered throughout the city.  This is a very common scene in Autumn.  Beautiful and Crunchy!

Beautiful autumn photograph of a tree lined street and old an vintage car covered in dry leaves, Portland Oregan / captured by Abby Powell

dreamies.de (kxeyi7bs0qo.jpg)

Two beech trees in misty morning light with a thick red carpet of leaves on the forest floor. The roots of one tree are exposed beside a path leading towards a second tree with an oak forest fading into the background.

Autumn by Luna Ptpom

Pond Run Creek, Bushkill Falls, PA. Love going there when I visit pa! One day I'll visit in the fall

Fall splendour

Fall splendour